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You need to take her to the vet.

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No one online can tell you what's going on. Joey getting rid of fish for views. Surprise surprise, he's getting rid of Frank's replacements and tonne of other fish. Munchies care is subpar. Keeps hamsters in 20 gallons and uses Kaytee sand bath which is known to cause respiratory problems. I was a fan but her attitude puts me off. Doesn't matter if it's attached to you or not, you can always buy a cooler looking one.

Funny how he says he knows they'll go to good homes, he has no way of knowing that. I strongly dislike how barren his tanks are, but at least the fish are in clean water and are fed properly. Those fish will be lucky if they ever get the same standard of care again. Sadly there are a lot of awful fish keepers out there. I feel especially bad for the flowerhorns considering they are one of the more intelligent species of fish.

She reminds me of kelly clarkson, she seems so nice and genuine one of the few pettubers who do lol.

In every video of them together Fluffy is nipping at Love. Even in this 20 second clip he is trying to get away from her. One of her birds is shot and killed from her irresponsible free flying. How long until another disaster?

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Responsible free flyers train their birds to return on call, and don't fly in dangerous areas like dog parks or hunting zones. She recently just posted a video about her new leachie. If you are getting a pet wait until you are ready to get it and dont leave in the care of your friends, because its too cold to ship.

Dont buy the poor thing until its warm enough. I get so annoyed by greediness. She just recently did a reptile room tour, and that's already full, and her rabbit enclosures are still dismal… how will she have space for a monitor enclosure? The rest is BS. It's totally unsurprising following his character on here, even what he did to Taylor made me feel marginally sorry for her as she has no 'friends' she can trust.

Stolen Child

Morphs are like collecting designer handbags for the petfest crew. I dont own condas but im assuming its common sense not to soak them together. Heres more of the video where jayce scammed that guy out of If an anon can record stuff its playing on aris insta stories. I'm not in his corner or Jayce's but I was looking further into his side of the gecko stealing story and saw the owner of the store comment this on his post.

I don't think what he did was right though. I'm not a liar. I knew Grant would see the post and comment on it, glad he did. Him and I have a good relationship still. I was wondering if any of this would hit lolcow's radar lol.

It left my hands the same day I took them from the store. I had zero interest in wanting them. Also, yeah. What happened to the rhino iguana he had that he didn't even have an enclosure for?

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Both Ari and Jayce are awful people and wastes of space. Neither should own animals. He also seems to get off on women disagreeing with him and white knighting TND. So laughable. You're welcome to reach out and talk about any issues you have with me if you'd like at some point. I wish I could subscribe more than once. Carolin's got a faith healer to come to her apartment to attempt heal Fluffy's behavior issues.

Good luck with that. Yeah we sure talk about you lots Dusty! Headsup: your animal care is still crap deny it all you want. I suspected she was after her refusal to get Love treated by a vet. You caught me! You guys are really good detectives, eh? Same reason you involved yourself in the Taylor drama. Nobody encouraged these dumbasses to come here. And Dusty, you are such a fucking idiot. One of the biggest attention whores I've ever seen and you seem like an actual incel with how happy you get whenever a woman disagrees with you and you can "really show her" with your "superior education".

Get a fucking reality check, you've started studying to become a vet tech like half a year ago; you don't know anything and saying that your job is basically the same as a vets is insulting towards any vets that have studied for years. You hide behind your happy and teasing facade and how you're just having fun but anyone with 2 brain cells that they can still rub together can see that you're just thriving off the attention. If you truly can't see what a gross person you are then I feel sorry for you. Luckily, you fit right in with the Pettuber community because almost none of them know what the actual fuck they are talking about, not even your idol and crush Emzotic.

So you've got that going for you, except that you will never fit in there because you are a fucking creep. So stop embarrassing yourself by constantly talking about Emzotic and TND when the former only acknowledged you for MONEY and the latter would probably take one look at you and scoff. Sorry for the long sperg anons but this nice guy shit pisses me off. I thought you guys were talking about people like Dusty and Em.

Seriously, please just leave the Internet and don't come back. Your animal care is mediocre. You are so misogynistic to the point that you get HAPPY when women disagree with you so you can berate and attack them because "muh education" newsflash, your education is shit. Do the world a favour and fuck off, weirdo. This Carolin woman needs animal control called on her.

See a Problem?

What she's doing is incredibly abusive. Denying an animal proper medical care is evil. He shared everything he knew, and since he and Taylor don't speak anymore, he outlived his usefulness weeks ago. At least Bree stays in the TND thread and only posts when it makes sense for her to do so.

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I hope he has a cage and this was just for exercise. I wanna know what excuses he comes up with in hopes that Taylor notices him this time but I cant be fucked to watch his autistic shit for 40 mins and giving him any kinda watch time or views. He seriously acts like a 14 year old. Also, because he also loves to use the "Come off anon you cowards" card as well, I would be happy to leave the anonymity of lolcow to talk to him if I had even the slightest hope that it would actually acomplish anything.

But judging by how he acts, it's very likely any logic and reason would go in one ear and out the other. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a rapist himself, rapists defending rapists. He is irrelevant and just sucks up anyone's ass that will give him more views. Probably posted about himself here just to get people to pay attention to him.

Much harder to loose a 4 foot lizard.. I think she means that he gets to free roam and eat up crickets and the way she worded it was incorrect i feel like em is smarter than that. What a petty little shit.