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However, when Riley presents herself to the class, Sadness gets out of the circle and turns the memory being recalled sad. When the other Emotions join forces to remove the memory, Sadness takes this opportunity to jump to the console.

Five Things Pixar’s “Inside Out” Teaches Us About Emotions - Mindful

Her doings create a new, sad core memory. When a horrified Joy tries to dispose of the core memory, Sadness finally stands up to her due to Joy's actions being against regulations. The ensuing confusion results in Joy and Sadness along with all the core memories being vacuumed out of Headquarters. The two Emotions find themselves lost in the vastness of the mind world, and Sadness is alarmed that the core memories and Joy are no longer in Headquarters.

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With Sadness too discouraged to walk, Joy ends up dragging her around, as Sadness' knowledge from the mind manuals proves useful to navigate the maze-like Long Term Memory. They seem to be making little progress until they stumble upon Bing Bong , Riley's old imaginary friend, who agrees to help them and proposes that they take the Train of Thought. To reach it, Bing Bong leads them to what he thinks is a shortcut. Sadness, who knows it is in fact Abstract Thought , a dangerous place, tries to convince Joy to go around it, but in vain.

Her fears are justified when Abstract Thought activates and they are still inside.

Nevertheless Sadness finds a way for them to get out. Their journey continues to Imagination Land , where Bing Bong is devastated to witness his rocket wagon being thrown in the Memory Dump. Sadness gets him to express his sadness and comforts him, much to the confusion of Joy. The trio reaches the Train of Thought, only to find out it doesn't run during night. Joy and Sadness, despite initially disagreeing on the way to do it, end up working together as a team to go through Dream Productions and Subconscious to wake up Riley.

However, the train is lost in the destruction of Honesty Island.

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Another way presents itself when Family Island 's destruction exposes a recall tube large enough for Joy and Sadness to get to Headquarters. However, Joy realizes that Sadness cannot get in without touching the core memories and making them sad. After one hesitation, Joy declares that Riley needs to be happy, and locks the tube on herself, leaving Sadness behind.

However, the tube breaks, and Sadness can only watch as Joy falls into the Memory Dump. Now left on her own, a completely despaired Sadness concludes that she can only harm Riley and that she must go away. When she sees Joy coming back for her, she flees. She hitches a ride on a cloud and flies away. Joy manages to catch her anyways and bring them both back to Headquarters.

5 Emotional Lessons From the Movie ‘Inside Out’

To the other Emotions' surprise, upon their arrival Joy asks Sadness to take care of Riley, who is taken by the idea of running away. Taking the situation in charge, Sadness takes out the idea bulb, bringing Riley back to her senses. Joy then hands to Sadness the core memories, which all turn sad. Sadness leads Riley to admit to her parents that she misses Minnesota, bringing them to comfort her.

Sadness, however, decides to not use it, and instead brings Joy to the console. Together, they create a new core memory that is both happy and sad.

Their internal organs have also spilled out, resulting in a zombie like form, which lacks all intelligence due to a brain damage. Out of muscle memory, they continue in their day to day lives proving ever more useless than before. This can continue indefinitely unless someone so kindly kills the person suffering from " Inside out ", bringing peace to the surroundings.

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Note: Not limited to Dark Souls completion, but can be a cause. Accomplishing a culturally difficult or rare task may also result in "Inside out". Person 1: Fuck me, Joe's turned Inside out!

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