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All opinions are my own. Do you get a tingly, magical feeling when you walk into libraries and see all those glorious books? As a kid, did you ever wish that the fictional worlds within your books were real? Read More. Mok to The BiblioSanctum to talk about wild and wondrous journeys, both the ones from her book as well as those from our childhood dreams that inspire us. As a child, I spent countless afternoons at my local library, and every book was a portal to some opulent masquerade ball or desolate, far flung star. Every time I opened a new book, I felt as though I were stepping gingerly, excitedly, into a different realm.

What marvels would I see today? Would I be chased by giant amoebas or would I untangle a diplomatic standoff between warring galaxies? I loved the brave and inquisitive characters and their wild, rollicking adventures, but one of the things that hooked me into fantasy was the sense of discovery, the sense of place.

The places I visited in the stories I read became as much a part of my world as my dinky local milkbar. By seeing lands vastly different to my own, I could begin to understand what it might be like to live in eternal winter or beneath the shadows of dragons, to ride on the shoulders of benevolent giants or to walk beside the forest gods. There is something both confronting and reassuring about seeing people — just like yourself — living their lives in such places, wrestling with the same problems of injustice, corruption, uncertainty and self-doubt.

In Hunt for Valamon , the reclusive cleric Seris must leave behind the sanctuary of his ramshackle temple and embark on a politically compromised mission to rescue a missing prince.

Navigating his way across unforgiving lands, grappling with the fears and ambitions of villagers and warlords, Seris is forced to grow and change, to confront questions about who he is and who he needs to be. In my mind, the best journeys are those you return from slightly breathless, slightly changed.

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The ones that leave you standing in your living room with your luggage still jangling with tags, seeing the world with a slightly different song in your heart. For me, this is the power of stories, and the reason I still dream of fantastic worlds. DK grew up in libraries, immersed in lost cities and fantastic worlds populated by quirky bandits and giant squid. She graduated from UNSW with a degree in Psychology, pursuing her interest in both social justice and scientist humour.

Website: www. Disenchanted by Robert Kroese. Publisher: 47North July 15, Author Information: Twitter Website.


By all accounts, Boric the Implacable was, while he was alive, an incomparable badass. By all accounts, he was an even bigger badass after he died. But for Boric, death was just another bullet point on his already impressive ass-kicking resume. In addition to his already impressive catalog of badassery, death granted him invulnerability…. They seem to do a new board around every three months , so this one encompasses April, May, and June.

The board looks likes this:. The last two weeks were again very busy for new books, including a bunch that were complete surprises.

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Received for Review. I actually had the good fortune to be a beta reader for an earlier draft of this novel, and the author was also kind enough to hook me up with a copy of this ARC from the publisher. The Shores of Spain by J.

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Again, very excited to see some of the changes from the earlier draft I read. My thanks to the author who sent along the widget. I believe this book began as an audiobook exclusive, written specially for Audible Studios. Thank you! I will be diving into this one soon.

I shall be keeping it in my consideration pile though, for when I have more time to read the previous books. This was unsolicited but I am no less psyched about the book. According to Goodreads, this book has been on my to-read list since April 1, My interest in this series was piqued again with the release of the third book recently, and I figured this would be perfect for my list of possible Backlist Burndown books.

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Keep an eye out for my reviews of these books in the coming weeks! Please see below for details about the giveaway and how to enter. The book is scheduled to be released on May 5, Some legends never die…. In The Grim Company, Luke Scull introduced a formidable and forbidding band of anti-heroes battling against ruthless Magelords and monstrous terrors. The adventure continues as the company—now broken—face new dangers on personal quests…. But the White Lady would be wiser not to spurn her former supporters: Eremul the Halfmage has learned of a race of immortals known as the Fade, and if he cannot convince the White Lady of their existence, all of humanity will be in danger.

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Far to the north, Brodar Kayne and Jerek the Wolf continue their odyssey to the High Fangs only to find themselves caught in a war between a demon horde and their enemy of old, the Shaman. And in the wondrous city of Thelassa, Sasha must overcome demons of her own. Sound good? Now on to the giveaway! Trust me, this is not one to miss, folks. I really enjoyed the first book. Only one entry per household, please. The winner will be randomly selected when the giveaway ends and then be notified by email. All information will only be used for the purposes of contacting the winner and sending them their prize.

Once the giveaway ends all entry emails will be deleted.

A review copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Not really, but almost. That way I get to reread my books with less guilt and I am contributing to the site! Sometimes, it may not. Either way, I hope you enjoy these Throwbacks! Not sure what I was expecting when I went into this story, but I was certainly not expecting what I got from this story.

This takes place in an alternate timeline fifty years in the future. The ones who do manage to survive go into hiding to survive. Life is hard for Logan and his family. During the conflict that led up to the demise of the superheroes, Bruce Banner took the side of the villains and was rewarded with California. Now, the Hulk offspring run the land ruthlessly, demanding rent from those who dare to dwell there. After unsuccessfully trying to come up with rent money, Logan has a violent confrontation with the Hulks. Logan takes a job accompanying Hawkeye, who is still in rare form, across the country for money.

In some panels, there was little said, but the art in the panels said so much and really showed how BIG and pivotal this battle turned out to be.

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It was a visual treat to see how scarred the land was and it leaves readers with so many questions. Every single word I wrote stands! There are parts that are corny in retrospect, but I still overall love this book. Hearty diet slow cooker chicken recipes: easy chicken recipes for very busy mums. Il vol. PDF Download. Happel PDF Download. PDF Birds that hunt and are hunted;: Life histories of one hundred and seventy birds of prey, game birds and water fowls, Download. PDF La fabuleuse histoire du rugby Download.

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