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I was just in the same galley with these two.

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Nothing she could do for them, for sure. Probably not for Hugh, but the fear in his eyes made her keep trying. Ruby ignored Vidal. She looked directly at the older man. She had him.

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Lying could be bad. Hugh swallowed. Know who they are. They work in the orchard. The other two grays were still silent, and one of them narrowed his eyes and bit his tongue.

It meant the other two would have it harder, but with someone to blame, the reds would let Hugh go. Surely they would. Her mouth had become dry, and it was hard to even get the words out. He probably would. Almost fair. Siri Martin. I have no father.

She wanted to be alone. Hopefully they would leave him alone. Reds needed some reason to lock up grays. Thin excuses were enough. But they needed something. She let Hugh turn a corner before she took off, running. Her footsteps echoed in the long metal box of the corridor, the cadence of her anger matching her strides, hot and familiar. She barely slowed to swipe her wrist past the reader on the metal post marking the entrance.

On the far side of the gate, she stopped to catch her breath, drinking in the clean, airy smell of her favorite place. The open space rested in default mode. Thin white clouds slid across a pale blue roof. A soft breeze blew across blossoming orchard trees and sweetened the air. It was nearly shift change, and so everyone else was probably prepping or sleeping, not coming home late after a singing lesson. Far off, a siren sounded. Too many drills. Her chest felt tight and her thighs hurt from running.

Not running away from the reds. Never running away. Just running. With luck she could be alone here for a few hours.

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She went to the control panel, forcing deep breaths. The panel rose as she approached, stopping at the perfect height. It tilted toward her, as if requesting her touch.

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She tapped it into expert mode, playing it like she played her sound sheet, confident and familiar. Ruby commanded the blue color of the roof to deepen and light to gather in the right-hand corner, flowing into a single yellow-white orb so bright she squinted. She sent a flock of virtual birds winging in random patterns across the fake sky.

She strengthened and cooled the wind until the air flowing past her cheeks stung them red. She shook her head, her arms, letting the scene in the corridor with the reds slide away from her. She needed to forget she was a grease monkey, a gray girl, someone who might end up in lockup. The park was the only place Ruby had the right to be where she could forget herself. She left the controls and took the path, glancing up from time to time at the fake birds flocking above her.

If she and Onor were right, and the other level of the ship was above her, then the birds winged below the floor of other habs the same way the cargo holds existed below her feet. The path she walked circled and looped, sometimes recrossing the places it had been. A trick of the programming to fool her into thinking the space was bigger.

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The surface gave beneath her feet, absorbing the sound of her passage. Here and there, empty benches sat lonely in the pretend vastness of the park. It was big, bigger than any other open space in C-pod, and its connection to the fruit orchard and the vegetable garden made it seem even vaster. Display surfaces on the walls and the roof added depth, so it looked almost like she imagined a planet would, as if the sky were truly far above and the park went on forever.

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She stopped at one of the benches beside a spindly tree. The trunk was only three inches wide, the top of the tallest branches just out of reach if she jumped. The land plot is a triangle and the inner layout of the house is circular. All the main rooms link together in a circle.

I put a bid on the house and ended up being outbid. I was pretty bummed about it and remember asking the universe if it was supposed to be my home to make some magic happen. The next morning, I got a call from my real estate agent saying the other bidder backed out last minute. I immediately booked an inspection and got a pretty hefty amount shaved off of my asking price due to restoration.

I moved in on August 27th. I have spent two years taking care and restoring her to her original glory, and in return, she holds a lot of memories. How do you like Nashville?

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It reminds me of the little beach town called Manhattan Beach in California that I grew up in, except no beaches. I am very close with all my neighbors. We all take care of each other and often have dinner parties. The music scene is like no other I have ever seen. There is this sense of freedom that allows creativity to flourish in its natural form. There is no hierarchy, no ego, no entitlement. Nashville is a growing city of misfits and outsiders that have found a common place to create. I love it here and hope that never changes. What are some things that you cherish in your home and why?

Above my Wurlitzer upright piano, I have two prints of my parents. It reminds me that how you treat and take care of love is how it is received. I have some vinyl signed by my favorite artists like Stevie Nicks and Led Zeppelin. The ashes of my two dogs Bogart and Bella, who I lost in this house. Before I was born, my mom and dad went on a trip to France and bought this little love seat that is now in my sunroom. I never saw them together because they separated when I was two, so to fantasize them walking around buying antique furniture in a foreign country makes me smile.

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She used to be an interior designer, so she has taught me about different eras of decor. Tell us about the art in your home. I have a poster over my record player that was from his first home. I have a signed running poster of Hunter S.