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Analysis of the Clerk’s Tale: The Impact of Walter’s and Griselda’s Marriage

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The poet who drew such unusual attention has a surprising background: for many years he has worked for Brooks Brothers, a fact that lends particular nuance to the title of his collection. The Squire's Tale is not complete, ending after only six hundred lines.

With his wife Elpheta he had two sons, Algarsyf and Cambalo, and a daughter Canacee Free Essays words 1. The Christian minority in the town opened a school for their children in this city.

The Clerk's Tale: Poems

Among these children was a widow's son, an angelic seven year old who was, even at his young age, deeply devoted to his faith. At school he learned a song in Latin, the Alma redemptoris, and asked the meaning of it Free Essays words 2 pages.

He does not wish to offend the Summoner who travels with them, but insists that summoners are known for lewd behavior. The Summoner does not take offense, but does indicate that he will repay the Friar in turn. The job of the Summoner to which the Friar objects is to issue summons from the church against sinners who, under penalty of excommunication, pay indulgences for their sins to the church, a sum which the summoner often pockets He claims in response to the Friar that friars and fiends are one and the same.

He tells that a friar once was brought to hell by an angel and remarked that he saw no friars there. However, Satan lifted his tail and thousands of friars came out from his ass and swarmed around hell.

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Analysis The Summoner becomes insane with anger upon hearing the Friar's Tale, which, although it was told with great vitriol against summoners, had a measured manner and refrained from personal attacks Free Essays words 3 pages. Essay Preview. Mostly I talk of rep ties and bow ties, of full-Windsor knots and half-Windsor knots, of tattersall, French cuff, and English spread collars, of foulards, neats, and internationals, of pincord, houndstooth, nailhead, and sharkskin.

The challenge seems to be to evoke both the visual lushness and the sense of despair at the same time.

The camera itself needs to communicate elements of the poetry that the actors cannot articulate. It seems like the film does this through presenting the vividness of the colors and the richness of the fabrics juxtaposed against the intense quiet. Similarly, there seems to be a sense of stasis—the fact that the entire film is contained within the mall, the long takes—that is subtly undermined by the camera work, as it wobbles slightly and fades in and out of focus.

It seems to belie the mundanity of the everyday by suggesting an unsteadiness lurking just beneath the surface. Despite this lack of explicit dramatic action, there is a deep despair and intensity underneath the surface of the poem.

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But it is also difficult to trace that effect down to any single line—it's more of a cumulative effect. That's what I wanted to achieve in the film: a seemingly mundane atmosphere that will accumulate into a sense of weight and depth. I thought that it had the right qualities of stasis, sorrow, and depth.