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Action speaks louder than words

Who but immortal life, who but the Self-existent, shall trample out the fires of hell; who, but he whose Being is eternal, without beginning, and without end, shall burst the shackles of the grave? He proved himself then, when he led captivity captive, and crushed death and ground his iron limbs to powder-he proved himself then to be the mighty God. Oh, my soul, thou canst say, that he has proved himself in thy heart to be a mighty God.

Sins, many hath he forgiven thee and relieved thy conscience of the keen sense of guilt, griefs innumerable hath he assuaged, temptations insurmountable hath he overcome; virtues once impossible hath he implanted, grace in its fullness hath he promised, and in its measure hath he given. My soul bears record that what has been done for me could never have been done by a mere man; and you would rise from your seats, I am sure, if it were needful, and say, "Yes, he that hath loved me, washed me from my sins, and made me what I am, must be God, none but God could do what he has done, could bear so patiently, could bless so lavishly, forgive so freely, enrich so infinitely.

He is, he must be, we will crown him such-"The mighty God. And, in conclusion, lest I weary you, permit me now to say, I beg and beseech of you all present, as God the Spirit shall help you, come and put your trust in Jesus Christ, he is "the mighty God. And, O sinners, ye that feel your need of a Saviour, come to Christ and trust him for he is "the mighty God. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.

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OBITUARY: Allan let his actions speak louder than words

Spurgeon :: Sermons. A Sermon No. No, beloved: "Let all the forms that men devise, Assault our faith with treacherous art; We'll call them vanity and lies, And bind the gospel to our heart!

We are convinced that we ourselves are mutable as the winds, and as easily moved as the sand by the waves of the sea; but we know that our Redeemer liveth, and we cannot entertain a suspicion of any change in his love, his purpose, or his power How often do we sing:- "Immutable his will Though dark may be my frame, His loving heart is still Unchangeably the same.

You believe when your heart is aching that Christ knows your pains, and that he reckons every groan; or at least if you do not believe it, it is always my satisfaction to know that- "He feels at his heart, All my sighs and my groans. Donate Contact. Blue Letter Bible is a c 3 nonprofit organization. Cite this page MLA format.

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