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Bob Marley - One Love by 2fast2handle | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Track number 7 on classic Nas album, Illmatic A:Hey I gotta run, I'll catch ya later fam! B: Aiite , one love!

A:Yo, what album is "One Love" on? B: Illmatic by Nas, track number 7 man. A word used for classy exit. AKA " One Love ".

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References your best friends, that are close to you just like "family". I know shit is rough doing your bid When the cops came you shoulda slid to my crib Fuck it black, no time for looking back it's done Plus congratulations you know you got a son I heard he looks like you, why don't your lady write you?

Told her she should visit, that's when she got hyper Flippin, talk about he acts too rough He didn't listen he be riffin' while I'm telling him stuff I was like yeah, shorty don't care, she a snake too Fucking with the niggaz from that fake crew that hate you But yo, guess who got shot in the dome-piece? Jerome's niece, on her way home from Jones Beach - it's bugged Plus little Rob is selling drugs on the dime Hangin out with young thugs that all carry 9's At night time there's more trife than ever Whattup with Cormega , did you see 'em, are y'all together?

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