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Just a tip.. I think my main point is stick to the diet exactly and you should be ok.. I wish us all profound health and success! Thank you Penny. I think I thought I was doing so well that I got lax. I weighed in today and lost that lb.

So I have learned my lesson.. I love this diet.. I am, as I suspect everyone is, too busy.. This puppy works! Now for the next 15lbs! Oh and I forgot to tell u what a great idea this is. But this site breaks it down to basics! I am healthy, I am not tired and I wish I could tell everyone out there to do this one. It works no matter where you live and food you have access to. Take good care, Cat. So stick to it people..

Living Gluten-Free For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Just seeing it drop off is such a life changer!! Talked with a big guy.. I tried to explain to him the dangers and the fact that it will all come back after he quits but he had already invested so I hope he will be ok. Those kinds of diets are very hard on the heart etc. I will keep trying to encourage him but I am not wanting to upset him. I bet we all have friends like that.. I have heart problems and this diet it the most healthy for that consideration too.

Ok, take care all.. Consider them an occasional treat.

How To Start

I am sorry o be a pest but I have another question. I am taking antibiotic for a sinus infection and the Dr said to get a probiotic to take with it I found a drink called Good Belly but it has oat flour in it can you recommend something or do you think the oat flour will be o. Look for probiotic capsules or powder, rather than a drink, to minimize the amount of fillers. Hi all; ok 22lbs with maddening halts for the 20lbs and the 22lbs bench marks..

Does anyone have any tried and true constipation relief recommendations? Thank you! Lots of water. Especially just after you get up in the morning. Senna tea can help, but should only be used occasionally. Dropping coffee and caffeine may help, as you point out. Also review your meds and supplements to see if they can cause constipation. Try Miralax it works very well for relieving constipation. It draws water into the colon so it easy to go. If you go too often while using this cut back on the dosage to half or take it every other day. I always think I drink enough water but you are so right and I will be more diligent on that score and see if something that natural can help, which I would prefer..

I will ck the meds.. I have been on them for so long you take it for granted you know everything about them but a refresher course might be just the ticket.. Thank you so much Penny!!! Be well, Cat PS: I wonder if this diet is helping the lack of need for coffee in the morning.. I am wondering about drinking protein drinks for breakfast? That is the hardest meal for me as I usually have toast or cereal. I have high cholesteral so limit my egg consumption.

Any breakfast suggestions? But you could make your own, with veggies and a little fruit. Have a look at The Great Cholesterol Myth for more information. It has to be a Life style change, quit asking for weighs to cheat. Make a choice to live well, live long, and fell great. Good luck everyone , I wish you success, Alex. I am again at a standstill for 2 wks now.. I am so frustrated..

I need to loose another 75 just to be at a healthy weight. This is not a death image but a wt. I am eating lean meats with nice variety salads. I just started to explore a little more with baking breads. Wheat free, gluten free. I made it and it was delicious. Is it ok to eat on the diet? Carbs are high. I get a little confused when it comes to wheatfree, gluten free and high carbs. This bread is delicious, but felt guilty eating it.

Why do people eat gluten-free?

Also if you have a powerful potential for wheat addiction, you should be careful with these grains as well. It contains nongluten grains, potato potato starch, potato flour , and legumes garbanzo bean flour, fava bean flour , all of which are advised in limited amounts only. Stick to almond meal, golden flaxseed, and coconut flours. Is there any sweetener I can use in my morning cup of coffee? Note the recipes also contain dried fruit for sweetening desserts — not really relevant for your coffee, but may be useful in other situations.

See if you can find gluten-free oats. Oats are often processed in the same facilities as wheat, which exposes them to gluten, so to avoid the risk of contamination they need to be processed in a gluten-free facility. Note that oats are listed as foods to limit. Also avoid them during the wheat withdrawal process, and if you have a powerful potential for wheat addiction you should be careful with oats as you may find them addictive as well. Watch out for maltodextrin, dextrose, and other sweeteners. A couple other sweeteners are also mentioned in the cookbook as being compatible with the diet: erythritol and sucralose Splenda.

I stopped taking Splenda in my coffee after I read that it has a higher GI than table sugar. The other day I was at a restaurant and used a little Splenda in my coffee and it tasted sickly sweet and then I felt tired the rest of the day. Even people that grow it say the quality is garbage…saw that on a documentary.

Missed an annual lingerie sale I love b. Eating what I still have at home in greatly lowered moderation.

My highs and lows this week

Im suprised to see squash as an unlimited vegetable. I just discovered I love it:. Is it true? It seems so close to a sweet potato, and the carb count is ok…. It takes some figuring out, but my cravings are so much less now that wheat is gone! I just started Wheat Belly diet and I am down 5pd for a week. Please advice. Tomatoes are okay to eat on this diet — listed as a vegetable.

Tomato paste and tomato juice are also okay.

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I eat oatmeal two mornings per week. Is this a this okay regarding the Limited Catagory? Also can egg beaters be subed for eggs?

2. Eat a minimum of nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

The book author would probably prefer that you have real eggs rather than egg beaters, as he advises you to eat more like your great-grandparents. Also egg beaters usually contain maltodextrin, which is on the list of ingredients to avoid as it may be a source of gluten, although Egg Beaters claim to be gluten-free.

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