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He is still the God of the impossible! And God is still with us. He has planned to do great things through each of us. When we truly get to know Him, we will trust Him, believe His Word and not be afraid to act on it. And faith is where all exploits in God begin. Faith-believing what God has said-is the foundation for a supernatural life.

The faith giants listed in Hebrews 11 accomplished great things by faith-by believing God.

Today, your body may be sick or diseased, your finances may be in shambles, or your mind may be tormented by fear and worry. If so, I want you to know I understand what that feels like. Before Ken and I began to know and believe the Word of God, we were imprisoned by those things-but we came out of it! And so can you, if you will get in the Word and learn the truth about all the great things that already belong to you in Christ. Ken and I believed we received what God said was already ours, and we talked like it and acted like it.

And, the truth of the Word made us free. Never will you find in the Bible where God wanted His people to be poor, sick or defeated. But if you truly desire to be a faith giant and do exploits for God, you have to believe His Word.

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All it takes is one flash of light from the Word to change your life forever. One flash of faith and you will realize, God said I can have that! As you speak that promise, it will become more real to you than anything else.

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None of us can afford to be lazy about the Word of God. Our future is tied up in how much Word we have in our hearts.

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Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.

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At one point in my Christian life I let my hunger for the Word of God decrease instead of increase. Too much of my attention was going toward natural things.

The truth is, I had gotten comfortable in life. But, after I heard that prophecy Brother Hagin gave in , I refocused my attention! It would have been sad to have missed out on all the wonderful things God had planned for us.

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We are determined to be strong and do His exploits. Weights are things that hold us down in the natural realm-things that crowd our hearts and take our focus and energy away from the things of God.

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  7. Mark 4 gives a good list of those things. Although cares, distractions and desire for other things are not necessarily sin, they are things that will hold us down to the natural realm. But why would anyone choose to live in the natural realm, on a low, low level, when we can live in the supernatural realm and soar in the spirit?

    Your spirit-the part of you that is connected to God-can always be in command. When you are vitally connected to the God of the impossible, it becomes easy for the supernatural to thrive. You can live a limited life in the earth-limited to your natural ability and circumstances-or you can live unlimited. Acknowledging this results in the manifestations of what we prayerfully request. Our faith starts working when we admit we already have what we ask. When trouble shows up, faith in what grace has made available prior to our need and independent of our effort should be our response.

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    Our trust that God not only has the ability but also the will to give us exactly what we need when we need it connects us to the finished works of Jesus. Everything has already been done for us. We have what is necessary to live a successful, powerful life, and now faith is required to take possession of it. God works through every one of us in the Body of Christ; there is no shame in turning to it for aid and assistance in the healing process.

    7 Keys to Make the Supernatural Your Natural

    Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale used every natural and supernatural resource at their disposals to help heal and restore those who suffered and were ill. Mother Teresa never uttered a prayer, extended her hand and told someone to walk, and yet there is no doubt that God worked his healings through her. It is similar with Florence Nightingale, the renowned Christian nurse who figured out the importance of sanitation in preventing and healing cholera. Both of these women used every natural and supernatural resource at her disposal to help heal and restore those who suffered and were ill.

    So, while we believe in a supernatural God who can, with simply a thought, work an everlasting cure in us, we also rely on his creation — his entire creation — to help us get the relief and healing of heart and mind that we pray for so earnestly. And in doing so, we demonstrate our faith in him and his creation with all our hearts, minds, and souls. Looking for daily inspiration and community? Join our warm and supportive Facebook group! Your email address will not be published. In fact, his healing often comes to us through those we encounter: An unexpected discovery that our therapist is a Christian and embraces our faith as part of our treatment path.

    The psychiatrist who diligently works with us to find the right medication or medications that help us get the immediate relief we need so we can develop the longer-term habits that make better resilience possible. The story of courage or hope that we hear of another person walking the road to mental health. The small group that gives us hugs and encourages us as we walk our own, difficult road.