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But a simple tool like this turned out to be what it takes just to know where things are. Any organizer made of cloth was out. I wanted something rigid but adjustable. If an organizer has soft sides, it's going to end up underneath the things it's supposed to be separating. These fit firmly where I put them and there are no corners to snag clothing or hurt your hand on when you reach into the drawer. Well engineered product. I created three sections to my large top dresser drawer by adding the partitions front to back. I am so pleased with the difference that I am ordering two more sets so I can do my other drawers also.

These OXO dividers cost more than the flimsy ones, but if I wasn't able to buy these, I would just not buy organizers. They also work well for dried rice and beans in the pantry; you can easily measure out exactly how much you need for a recipe. And you can use 'em one-handed: an easy press opens the pour spout, then you pour, and press again to close. I bought the really big set a while ago FYI: the pet food container is not included in these sets, but is worth the additional purchase I love these containers The lids are easy to clean, and you could apply labels to distinguish between Flours and Sugars.

They are expensive, but I believe you get what you pay for Quality costs extra money. Instead of having some long spaghettis of papers, you get some little pieces of spaghettis, much harder for somebody to infer the original content. It will stop on its own if you don't insert anything else. Cons: Nothing for now. If you have lots of shredding to do though, you could even just bring it to your local UPS or FedEx store, where they'll take care of it for you.

What is clutter (and how to get rid of it)?

Reviewers love it for their home office, small office, kitchen command centers, homeschooling, and more. Promising review: "It was time to declutter the office work room counters, looking for replacements for the standard wire desktop file folder sorter that we were using to hold various forms.

After endless days of looking at wall file folder pockets that were hideously expensive, I stumbled across this and instantly knew my search was over! This item is beautiful on the wall; it lays virtually flat vs.

Clutter-Free Forever

And the price can't be beat. It comes in two sizes, and the largest fits stuffed animals! Don't worry: it's machine washable in case of any spills. You could also use it as a functional storage spot for those extra pillows and blankets you only pull out once or twice a year. I wish it was a bit softer material, though it is canvas which will hold up well.

EXTREME MAKEUP ORGANIZATION *crazy before & after!*

It holds 48 total bottles, 24 on each side, so you can always find the color you want with a single glance. Promising review: "I bought this after trying a makeup style caboodle for polish and looking for many many more. This is better than advertised. The first row has adjustable dividers, you can use them to keep odd-shaped bottles or do what I do: use one side for my nail stamper, dotting tools, and the drying drops and the other for foam wedges and nail pens. It looks way neater easily tucked under my vanity instead of the baskets and baskets of polishes I had to hunt through!

Ignoring the backward Apple logo weird choice, Amazon seller : this may also help with your eyestrain and posture, by putting your at a more ergonomic height. Perfect height for my needs, sturdy construction, and it looks amazing. The drawers are surprisingly deeper than I was expecting, going the full depth of the stand and have enough height for three Xbox One games to lie flat in them.

The under-riser space is tall enough and wide enough to fit my keyboard and my Gunnar gaming glasses with a bit of room left over. The cut out for your cups in the near right of the top I found to be a little small, and unless I put very short teacups there, actually interferes with my view of my monitor. Fits my Google Mini perfectly, though!

Tips to Declutter and Clean up Your Home

Keep in mind this is NOT a veneer, this is through and through bamboo, so it will be a little heftier. This works for me, but if you've got a desk with a weight limit, it's something to consider. There IS a little cutout for cables in the back of the stand, but I can't comment on how effective it is because of my personal set up. It looks big enough to safely pass at least three HDMI cables and a standard monitor power cable through, though. As the pic on the right shows, you can adjust these to work with multiple shoe types and heel heights it also works for bigger sizes — the shoes on the left are women's size Promising review: "I have saved SO much room on my closet shelves — I like the facts that there are little nubs to keep the shoe from slipping, and all my shoes fit well on the stackers.

I need to set aside a day and just do it!

Phase 1: Small Wins Add Up to Big, Positive Changes

Thanks for the encouraging post. I am a homeschooling mom and our book clutter is out of control. I am on a quest to get a hold of this area and bless a family that is just starting their homeschooling journey with free curriculum. Great advice. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway too. Continuation of comment LOL Stupid enter button! But I try to remember that the product will still be available and we can always buy it again if we really need it! I mean this in only the best way possible, but your blog totally freaks me out! I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to deal with well intentioned family members who have their own issues with accumulating stuff and like to bring stuff to our house?

I would love to declutter our master bedroom and make it a place of refreshment and relaxation! Removing all the bins of storage items, cleaning out the closet and tidying up the space would make it an inviting place to retreat, rather than the room I just want to close the door on! I struggle with staying on top of getting rid of things. I have a donation box, but I tend to not get the donations donated one in the box. Great tips. The hardest area for my husband and I to GET organized is our home office. But the hardest area to KEEP organized is our bedroom.

Purging is definitely in order for both rooms! Since the grandparents want to give stuff, explain that you are trying to de clutter. That way they can help you out financially by buying things your kids really need or want and they can also spend some quality time with the kids. This will also help your kids appreciate their grandparents for them, not what they can give them! I enjoy organizing and decluttering, but a busy schedule makes it difficult for me to find extended periods during which I can focus on these tasks.

I appreciate the comment to ruthlessly purge. My family is in the process of cleaning out and that tip along with many of the others included here is a great encouragement to simplify, clean and get organized!

The Easiest Way to Declutter and Clean any Room or Space in Your Home

What a lovely and well written article. I have come to many of these conclusions on my own over the last couple of years and it has been so freeing to let go of so much stuff. Oh my goodness…. Its beyond ridiculous. I cannot wait to really learn more from your blog! This has really helped! I really need to declutter! It is hard to find the time, and I have difficulty getting rid of things that I think are useful in the future. I know that both my husband and I would feel so much better if we lived with less. It would be better for our kids too!

21 Useful Products That'll Actually Help Declutter Your Entire Home

Thanks for the tips! I love this article. I think you hit the nail on the head for me when you mentioned toys. Second thing is that my husband and I own our own companies and so the work stuff is necessary and it adds to the mix.

My problem with clutter is that I tend to have a sentimental attachment to everything. We have an old house with no closets and I sometimes become paralyzed not knowing what to do with all of the stuff so it justs sits until I have a brilliant idea about where it should go. This article was very convicting and helpful.

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My biggest challenge is closet clutter I am even at the point where it does not fit in and I have to pile it on top of an arm-chair before I get a chance to sort it out. Thank you for your pointers- they sound very helpful too. I have been struggling to get at-home paperwork organized for a looong time. Organized to the point of obsessive at work — home is a mess. But I will keep trying. Precious, inspiring post with such truth from a wise young mother! Wisdom I am still seeking beyond the mid-life empty nest. I continue to struggle with the ability to organize all that our big family has and the consistency to follow through when I do get one small spot sorted out.

You are so right, and have reignited the spark of my desire to life intentionally, simply, and craziness free! This is so helpful, especially this week!