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Subscribe to the Club Catch Newsletter. Club Catch is an ongoing subscription service which you may cancel anytime. Your Payment Details. Welcome Aboard! She made some good character developments, especially considering how unhappy and lonely and tbh pathetic she was at the beginning of the book.

I admired her sincere, thoughtful moments in these later scenes. Also, the town as a whole got better too.

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There were certain key characters that got endearing. There was Mrs. K, a sweet, old lady who lived near Maggie and whom Maggie tended to help a lot. I hate her guts before, but wow, I really started sympathizing for her. Yeah, she could be a bitch, but her source of bitterness made sense after we discovered a few things about her.

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I loved seeing this complex relationship between mother and daughter where they both seemed almost resentful of each other, but at the end of the day, they truly loved each other. Their scenes towards the end of the book were some of my favorites. This book added depth to characters that I thought were so blah before.

I liked that Kristan Higgins allowed us to see that people are not always as they first appear. And really, by the end of the book, I saw the appeal to this small town and the people Maggie saw everyday. I could certainly see why Maggie would envy her, but the envy was handled in a realistic, yet non-damaging way. These sisters were so honest and so affectionate with each other, and it was just fun seeing this strong sisterly bond. The romance. I liked the romance.

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It was sweet at times, but my complaint would be that I wished there were more developments. I felt like we just barely started getting to know Malone, but still, it was pleasant overall. I liked it. I cringed, got emotional and sympathetic, laughed a little bit, was touched during some moments, etc. I definitely appreciated the growth and solemnity of the 2nd half of the book. Angst level? When Maggie went to visit her mother in her new place, after finding peace with her ex-boyfriend. What age level would be appropriate?

Upper teens and up. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the secondhand embarrassment, but this should be entertaining. Mar 27, Sarahjane rated it it was ok. I generally enjoy Kristan Higgins. Quirky characters, fun, bouncy plots, realistic dialogue: It's not deep literature, but her books are often the perfect lazy afternoon read. This one, though, just didn't quite do it for me. Our heroine, Maggie, is the sort I normally like. She's generally kind-hearted, helping out in the church and community. She has a lovely dog that follows her around. She's a littl I generally enjoy Kristan Higgins.

She's a little bumbling, usually getting both feet in her mouth. She's got a family that she loves, though they drive her crazy.

At first, she seems like the type of women I would actually be friends with in real life. The problem is that it's all a little too much.

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She's constantly jumping to the wrong conclusions and saying the wrong things, which naturally leads to the story conflict. At 35, wouldn't you know enough to keep your mouth shut for a bit, until you had time to check things out? I also got tired of the constant harping on her woeful single state. She is determined to find herself someone. Which, ok, I get.

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It's realistic to feel lonely and want to find someone. Again, it's just a bit too much. The town is a little too small and WAY too up in her business. She ends up on a series of blind dates that are all over-the-top farcical. Everyone in town seems to be looking at her with pity.

And her mother was, quite frankly, borderline psychologically abusive with her criticism. Maggie takes all this in stride, of course. I mean, I do appreciate a bit of "pick yourself up and dust off and get back out there" attitude, but c'mon! I spent most of my time wondering why on Earth anyone would put up with this sort of treatment.

Why would anyone want to live in a town where rumors are accepted as truth and everyone is always laughing at you? And if you want to get hitched up SO badly, then why are you sticking around a fly-speck so small that there are only two date-worthy men? Then she meets the hero, a nearly mute recluse fisherman. Well, not meets, she's known him all along. But they start bumping into each other more and more often. He gets her out of a couple of tight spots, so we know he's a good guy. Then, one night, out of the blue, he kisses her.

And leaves. Then, after a bit, they start having sex. Honestly, I don't know why this happens, other than lust plus proximity. Then they go through some stuff and then happily ever after. I didn't hate the book or anything. I just didn't really get it. It was like watching an old daytime soap, where the characters just kind of end up together because they were both there. So, yeah. View all 3 comments. Maggie tries valiantly to move on with her life, embarking on a series of truly terrible blind dates.

This 4.


A sudden vision of sex with Roger deals my appetite the death blow. He puts away the pictures of his grandchilden and smiles. And her situation is sad, but not irritatingly pathetic; she really is trying hard to change her circumstances, rather than just lying around moaning about them. On the romance side, this also had the plus of being a real gut-puncher at times. Nothing I love more. Also, Maggie seemed very inappropriate at times -- spying and eavesdropping -- and never really got called on it or grew from it.

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Still, it was very engaging and I enjoyed it tremendously. Nov 07, Duchess Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: 3-star-read , hero-is-a-gamma , heroine-tstl , lessons-learned , read-in , e-pcs , genre-contemp-romance , genre-chick-lit , make-me-cry.