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And it started modern architecture down a curious path. A different modernist derivative led to exposed plumbing, heating ducts and structural elements whose beauty had not previously been widely appreciated.

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Brightly painted plumbing is considered ornamental-but-not-superfluous. Movements invariably produce counter-movements. In these concoctions, form often bears no significant relationship to function. Like sculptors, star architects produce objects that bear their own unmistakable signatures. Developments in materials science, computer topography and CAD-CAM have now made imaginable buildings that could not have been built 10 years ago. Comfort, convenience, productivity, acoustics, views from inside-out and even healthy indoor air are reduced to second-order concerns.

The sculptural elegance of the structure, when viewed from outside, trumps all other considerations. In dramatic contrast, the Living Building Challenge insists that a building be designed from the ground up to be useful and healthy. A living building must be designed to radically minimize its impacts on the earth. Jason F.

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McLennan and Eden Bruckman had seen plenty of ugly structures that met very high environmental performance standards, and they knew that unsightly design would not inspire a successful movement. Beyond a series of generalized principles, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In conjunction with the other elements of the Living Building Challenge, the authors appear to be affirming that architects should never have to choose among aesthetics, functionality and performance.


If faced with such a trade-off, architects need to probe more deeply into their designs to solve for all three ends simultaneously. In particular, stumped architects should explore how nature has solved analogous problems during the last couple billion years of beta testing. A Question of Qualities Essays in Architecture.

Paolo Belardi Zachary Nowak. Stephen Cairns Jane M. Bleak Houses Disappointment and Failure in Architecture.

Timothy J. Data, Architecture and the Experience of Place.


Precision in Architecture Certainty, Ambiguity and Deviation. Notes from the Underworld An Architectural Exploration. Auditions Architecture and Aurality. Massimo Scolari Jenny Condie Palandri.

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Portfolio Design. James Stirling Revisionary Modernist. Amanda Reeser Lawrence. Metaphor An Exploration of the Metaphorical Dimensions a Susan C.

Against Architecture (Green Arcade)

Three Cultural Ecologies. David Leatherbarrow Richard Wesley. Architects Portraits of a Practice. Peirce for Architects Thinkers for Architects. Curve possibilities and problems with deviating from The Architecture of Ruins. Children as Place-Makers the innate architect in all of us. Leonard R. Sport and Architecture Frontiers of Sport. Benjamin S. Structure and Architecture.

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Angus J. With insight into the human side of architecture, this critical assessment displays the shortcomings of modern urban planning as an acclaimed architect issues a passionate charge against the celebrities of the current architectural world: the "archistars. Chapter 2 Tirana.

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