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This is also a story about the Cathars in the Languedoc area of France. The Cathars embraced the idea of reincarnation. For this, andfor theirbelief indirect revelation and a dualistic universe of good and evil, theywere destroyedby the Catholic Church in the 13th century. In the process, their society was destroyed too as town after town was mercilessly razed by the crusaders andthousands put to death: men, women and children, none were spared. This became known as the first western genocide of Christian against Christian. Because of theCathars, the Church gave birth to the Inquisition.

A Song Of Songs: Mary Magdalene Awakes

The Cathars loved Mary Magdalene, andbelievedthat she was the beloved of Christ and the keeper of his teachings. Their story is interwoven with the Knights Templar who were embedded in the Languedoc, and with Jenna's ongoing odyssey as she comes to full awareness ofwho she is. Three Novels. Katherine Neville. Sins of Temptation. Our Lady of the Lost and Found.

Diane Schoemperlen. Anne Rice. City Of Swords. Alex Archer. Isuna Hasekura. Jean-Christophe Valtat.

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A Song Of Songs: Mary Magdalene Awakes

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Excerpt from A Song of Songs: Mary Magdalene Awakes: The Alchemist - Jennifer Chapin

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